Monday, August 16, 2010

state exams

Rajasthan prelims exams on 29 th sept-

some aspirants asked me how to balance both ras n upsc preparation as only 2 months are left?
first of all,be clear in ur mind,what u expect from this exam-practice or joining service...are u giving it with complete seriousness?this will clear where ur focus should be...
as i took them as practice test for pre n mains ,my perception is that since there is major overlap in the syllabus of ras n upsc...except perhaps state specific questions....
just see this as if u r writing upsc prelims test after 2 months n work in that orientation,enthusiasm n motivation....optional studies will almost b same,if a bit different,focus on topics which r same more....also,read same books for gs as u were reading for upsc(after all constitutional articles will remain the same whether its ras or upsc or any other let tension dont hinder u)
if u r serious about clearing this exam or joining service rather than just writing it only for practice,then u may need to devote some time(10 days around ) on rajasthan specific studies-like 10 yrs for gs n optional n also a book about rajasthan art ,culture n language- CONTEMPORARY RAJASTHAN BY DR.L.R.BHALLA-a detailed subjective book n an an objective book based on it is available....i bought both n read theory first n did questions based on it from objective book...n sometimes for a change-did objective questions n back traced all  the answer,in this way it became interesting n i could maintain quailty studies over long time).......
studying rajasthan specific is not a waste of time,in my views,as it does help in gs in some question on reclimation of wasteland,we can always write about Indra gandhi canal in rajasthan(see positive in all situations n interlink...)
as for time of 2 months seems to be less-concentrate on each day n plan for that...n dont waste time in worrying...aim of this exam is to keep u studying efficency even when upsc prelims is anyways u will b learning more because of this exam ,than in its absence....


i gave 2 pcs exams-rajasthan n haryana....
these services i never intended to join but saw them as practice test or stepping stones..
there many opinions as to whether one should write these exams or not-
1. some people think that during preparation for upsc,one should concentrate on it only...n these can b given later if one does nt qualify in upsc and exhausts all the attempts...the point they emphasise is that a portion of these exams need state specific study,n this may take ur time n resources...n also,to write these exams one has to go to concerned state..
2.some others belive ,its gud strategy to prepare for upsc n ur home state this will be most comfortable one to give...
3.some also believe in giving all the pcs exams- raj,haryana,himachal,UP,uttranchal,chattisgarh,MP,jharkhand,bihar ...they say cracking UPSC is very tough ,so lets try luck state exams r considered easier than upsc one..
basically,most of these exams r on the pattern of UPSC,some having more overlapping n some less...i preferred to take them as practice test n restricted to only two..raj n haryana pre was before pre,had similar pattern,meant lesser travel nd were at time when they didnt conflict with my UPSC preparation much...

what to study...?

it all depends on whats ur expectation from ur exam n time available...
10 YRS r available for both gs n optionals in market...esp. mukherjee nagar one...
detailed state specific books r also there-can b more useful in state mains.
many questions r repeated year after 10 yrs helps...
but many answers given in these r wrong,so better check ans with standard books...

benifits of writing these:

a positive result can be motivational
its a practice test,u can get to know ur weaknesses...
keeps u focussed on studies esp in months when upsc exam is far...n u may already hav done with coaching..
sometimes,a positive result here may help to face family pressure better too..


  1. Hello Mam,
    I am also an IAS aspirant. But i have not cleared this time IAS 2010 pre also (gave IAS two times).Both times pre fail. I am very sad and feeling less on motivation part.
    Now i want to conncentrate on Rajasthan PCS going to be held in september. I want to know from where to prepare for Rajasthan current affairs??


  2. hi Himanshu ,as for currents just use google or some newspaper site like times of india n search for rajasthan news for last few months...i did the same n this is most time efficent way ,i feel.also,some booklets do come in hindi esp regarding currents affairs of rajasthan for the preceeding year..u can get these at mukherjee nagar market
    wel,i will just say failure should be seen as experience n not to b sad about it...Upsc teaches n test much of ur personality which do include ur ability to self motivate n stay keep on does not end with any so called failure....All the best..!!

  3. Hello Mam,
    I am around 29 yrs old female (general category) never given any competitive exam but was very keen from beginning abt becoming an IAS officer.I have lots of questions in my mind ,no one to help or guide me properly.Plz give ur contact details or email id,where I can ask my each query.I am already late & upset.


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