Monday, August 16, 2010

mains form

mains form

this is an important document to b filled carefully coz a copy of this will b with the chairman of interview board..
always get a photostat of form n fill this before the original one as a practice...
also,u will have to fill cadres n services in the order of ur preferences...
if u hav a job experience,even for a month...pls mention it goes very positively with the interviewers....
hobbies should be the real ones,as questions r usually about practical aspect of it,to ensure u r saying the truth.....also,sometimes technical questions will b asked...which can b prepared after mains exam too...


  1. hello garima
    please if posible post ur mains form on the blog, so that it can be a basis for the freshers to understand above said suggestions well.

  2. dear GARIMA sister, I AM SIDDHU. i dont find it easy ti use this site as the prev one. . so posting it here.
    i am very much worried if my prep s in right path. .because right frm my school tis s my ambition. .this s hw i prep as of now.
    history(1st option)-ncert+some extra books
    GS=polity + HINDU and making notes. ..
    current affairs = a monthly magazine.
    s tis enough as of now ?
    hw can i improve it further ? i find i know nothing in GS AND Particularly in current affairs even after regular reading of paper for few months. . .y is it so? am so tensed. .. give me some tips on wat can b done. . i ll incorporate them. .or any change i can make in the schedule. ..

  3. Hi Garima,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I have cleared the prelims and was looking at the DAF.

    1) is the school leaving certificate mandatory ..I have my Pass certificate of class 12th ICSE board..that has the date of that fine?

    2)And, what kind of hobbies we can mention ..
    I mean my hobbies are palmistry, singing, article writing , meditation ..can I mention them?

    And I have completed French Level -1 course it risky to mention it or i can go ahead?

    3)Is it absolutely mandatory that the photo we pasted on the prelims form has to be an exact(identical) copy on the mains form as well..I dont have the same identical prelims form photo but a well matched new(very similar to prelims one) and recent this an issue?

    4)In the service preferences if say I mention IIS as the 3rd pref..then if there is any prerequisite for this service what will happen later? I could not find if there are some prereq. for some specific services..please help..

    I dont have IPS as a preference so I will write NIL in the cadre choices for IAS/IPS should I write anything or just leave them blank(Its not clear in the form)..
    PLEASE HELP..thanks.


  4. how did u scan answer sheet???would like to know..and some other preparation tips as well..hope u revert back..hv sent request in gmail id also..add me...

  5. Hi Garima ,

    Hope you are doing well, i am preparing for my PCS ( Mains )Punjab ,overall preparation is going well but sociology is new subject for me and consuming my maximum time , give me some tips for this subject , i want to go for selected portion for this option.

    With Kind Regards
    Gurjinder Singh Gill

  6. Thank you madam, your blog found to be very usefull
    now , we neeed to translate your saying into reality to realise our dreams

  7. hello mam,
    I am in 11th class.From 5th i have aim to be IAS, I dnt knw what is the course or how to prepare for this.I need help from you.plz suggest
    I want to make my dream true.
    With Regards,
    Rajnish Verma.

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  10. hi,

    Thanx for sharing Information....!!!

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