Monday, August 16, 2010

scanned essays....



  1. hello garima
    m not able to get the scanned data, is there some problem occuring with it?

    regards n thnx

  2. Hi Garima,

    Thanks for your efforts to help CSE aspirants.

    I am unable to see the scanned images of essays (despite of very good broadband speed). Could you please zip the scanned images and upload on some sharing website like rapidshare? It would be easy to see and download then.


  3. thanxs mam for such a wonderful post and your effort to show us the right way to achieve success...but mam i am unable to get access to your scanned essays...there must me some technical error..mam if u get sometime then pls post it somewhere else it will be very useful for us people

  4. Dear Garmina,

    As you know these scanned images are hosted on your old website (which is down), these images are not loaded. Kindly upload them to this new website.

    Thankyou for your effors! We are greatful to you.

  5. hi Friends,surely i hav taken note of this problem n will like to do something bout it soon...

  6. Great thanks for this kind of help Madam!

    Indrakumar, Karnataka

  7. Thanks a lot Garima for sharing this handwritten essay.
    Can't explain what an impact it had in improving on the aesthetic aspects.
    I learned that overall look of the page can be improved so much simply by just focussing on paragraph separations. Remarkable!.
    Thanks :)

  8. Thanx Garima Di, for this excellent sharing ! here in kolkata, it is very nearly impossible to get in contact with an IAS officer to seek help. Thank you so much.
    - Suprabhat Chakraborty

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  11. hi,

    Thanx for sharing Information....!!!

    A very interesting Blog for Students.