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hey friends,do let me know how u find this website....( sorry for the word 'customer' below but since it is inbuild in website so cant help.....anyways atleast u can post ur FEEDBACK here...)

pls,if u hav any query-post it to GUESTBOOK only...i will not b able to answer here...
Quotes hi garima.. u r really doing a gr8 job by personally interacting with all. its of immense use for every1 as they get so much beneficial guidance from ur experience. thanx alot. Quotes
Quotes i have read ur interview in CSR & gone thru all topics u had in ur really impounding confidence in me.i am appearing for CSE 2010-11.i hav selected sociology & Geography.ur interview in CSR really get me a good picture of visualising my approaches.thanks to u. Quotes
A whole new xperience
Quotes hi,u r source of motivation 4 many aspirants Quotes
Quotes Hi Garima!! Hope you r doing good. have been waiting since long for an interview of a female candidate in CSR.Good to find you there!! There is a lots in you that would inspire the future aspirants of IAS. Lastly, u have a done a great job, by starting a discussion forum like this one on the web,..which i was searching for a long time!! Keep up this work!!! and THANKS A LOT!!! Quotes
Fareena MIrza
Was waiting for a person like You!
Quotes wow !! that is all i can say , thank you so much for letting us know about your experiences . i m preparing for CSE 2011 and i m sure i will be able to mange nething that comes in my way and m gonna work real hard !!!! thank you thank u so much !!! Quotes
ankeeta chaliha
a fan !!

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