Monday, August 16, 2010

coaching need


 I joined only these following institues for the specific courses mentioned .any other institute using my name is giving false information.
1)VAJIRAM AND RAVI-joined for pre cum mains course,mains referesher course,Interviw,Sociology under Mohopatra Sir and Psychology under Mukul Pathak Sir.
socio test series is included in the mains curriculum of socio by mohopatra sir,its really gud n helpful.basically it helps us to develop writing skills,time management and also revises whole syllabus in a way.
 A WORD OF CAUTION-getting admission in vajiram may b tough,as seats r limited n its on first cum first b vigilant of the day admissions begin n be in time to get token...rather than repenting later....
my basic strategy while choosing the institutes hav been to hav a base institute-which was VAJIRAM n then do some additions in it from the second best in the market(as i didnt wanna take any risk in this attempt,this new institute will add some new dimension n may help me fetch 30-40 marks more,also i cound manage my time n money to accomodate another institute)..

2)SYNCHRONUS IAS -mains test series for gs(wrote 4-5 test out of 9 tests but made sure i improve in every successive test)
3)RAMASWAMY - essay classes
4)SANKALP INSTITUTE- interview classes.


since time and energy are limited,this decision has to be taken after meticulous search and consideration.the best people to tell where and what  are the students. the advertisements are not beleivable as it has huge commercial angle attached.
-i had a good friend circle,where we discussed about various institutes.even the strangers u meet while enquiring in diffent institutes,can give helpful insights,basically the student community is strong n by n large helpful in case of civils.
-optionals-enquire people who have already given mains from that optional. u can ask ur friends if some of their other friends are from ur optionals.this way word of mouth is most trusted manner to choose coaching institutes.
-join only limited institutes at a time,for u hav to absorb what u study too simultaneously.
-i made vaji ram as my base institute from where i did gs n both optionals. rest other institutes for specisl requirements-improving answer writing at synchronus, understanding strategy of essay at ramaswamy( can be skipped ,if time is a constraint) and sankalp for interview( a non-commercial institute-charges just 650 for quality  intw preparation and even provides hygenic meals).

need for institute/financial constraint:

many selections in civil services are pointing towards self-sufficency of ones effort even without coaching.
-notes r easily available with friends and in market,and requires less investment.
-coaching is basically required for optional different from ones background,to get conceptual clarity,understanding the trends of questions and requirements of a good answer.
 i feel,coaching in gs and optional,just gives u a base(20% of answer),rest is building over it from various books,newspapers,interlinking and innovation.
-if hav financial constraint and still joining coaching,pls dont join sub standard ones,for it will take ur time,energy and may mislead u.go for best ones or rely on notes n self-study.


  1. hi garima
    heartiest congratulations for your great success.
    i am also a doctor. i must congratulate and thank you for your excellent blog . it is very informative and helpful for asirants like us .

    i wanted to ask you about institute for gs coaching. i know that vajiram is the best and their notes are the most reliable. but i am not too happy about their 350+ students- batches , which in my opinion is not very conducive to good discussions and doubt solving .i also think that dictating each and every point wastes a lot of time unnecessarily . i am considering srirams as an alternative . do you have any idea about it . most toppers rate it highly in terms of personal attention . how is compared to vajiram?
    your opinion on this will be very helpful to me.

    thanks in advance , and my best wishes for your future

  2. hi, mam first of all congrats for ur splendid success in the ias exam,
    i have some queries, in wich i hape will help me, i cannot afford to join any coaching in delhi,so plz tel me what should be my strategy for exam, i am from pune, and my optionals are and psyco. can u plz tel me how can i secure study material for from pavan sir and psyco from mukul pathak sir, or i have to join coaching ther. for study material,

  3. very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in,I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot :)

  4. I would add a name for ias preparation... this is an online preparation site which are informative really helpful and trust-worthy...
    this course is for general studies ias preparation and its really a good one quite helpful in preparation